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How To Setup a Nvidia Card as a Physix at ATI Card as Main GPU
October 14, 2010, 4:51 am
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*HowTo*: ATI + NVIDIA PhysX Guide
I am using ATI HD4870 1GB as primary and NVIDIA 8800GTS 512Mb for physx.

EDIT: Sorry to bring this old topic back up but it seems people are interested in doing this so I will update anything new to this and also here is my version of Damien’s guide, (same thing only a few things here and there)

************************************************** ******

1. Download the following:

– Latest ATI Drivers:



– Nvidia Display Driver 181.71:


– Latest Nvidia PhysX Pack:

– Driver Sweeper 2.0…load-2186.html


Fluidmark (to test if PhysX is enabled):

************************************************** ******

Make sure that the NVIDIA card is connected to a SEPARATE monitor with the DVI-to-VGA dongle and a SVGA cable

************************************************** ******

Now here is how you actually do it:

1. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features, and remove the ATI, NVIDIA, and PhysX drivers

2. Unplug your Ethernet cord or disable your internet adapter, (this is so that Windows cannot install drivers automatically)

3. Restart and boot into Safe Mode

4. Run Driver Sweeper 2.0 and tick Nvidia Display + ATI Display + Physx Drivers, and click Analyze, once it shows all the remaining files tick all of them and click on Clean

5. Repeat this process while restarting when necessary until no files remain in the Analyze section

6. Boot Windows normally and install the ATI Drivers downloaded earlier, Restart upon completion

7. Install NVIDIA Display Drivers downloaded earlier, Restart upon completion

8. Install PhysX Driver Pack downloaded earlier, Restart upon completion

9. Once Windows is up and running you should have 2 Desktops, one ATI on the left and one NVIDIA on the right monitor, now right-click on desktop and go to Screen Resolution

10. Click on the second display and tick “Make this my main display”

11. Click on the ATI monitor and from the drop down menu select “Disconnect Display”

12. Now you should have one monitor with Nvidia as the adapter, now go to start panel and find and open the folder called “NVIDIA Corporation …” and click on the “PhysX Properties” icon

13. Now it asks if you want the advanced or basic panel, select advanced and click ok

14. Now the NVIDIA Control Panel is open with the options of enabling or disabling PhysX, keep this panel open

15. Right click on the desktop and go to Screen Resolutions, click on the ATI monitor and from the same drop down menu as before, select “Extend my desktop ..” and click apply. Now it should automatically set the ATI monitor as the main monitor but if it doesn’t just tick the “Make this my main display ..” and click apply.

16. Your set! Now to test if it works you can run Vantage and see if the CPU Score triples or you can run Fluidmark and see if it says Hardware Physx at the top.

Another great thing to try is Unreal Tournament 3, I find that the map Heat Ray PhysX, under Team Deathmatch, really shows that the PhysX is working wonderfully

************************************************** ******

I DON’T take credit for all this, its Damien’s work from Guru and I just changed it a bit.

I hope this helps, post here if you have any problems so that everyone can learn from it.

source :


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